Applying Semantic Technology in Business Intelligence
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  John Davies   John Davies
Chief Researcher, Future Business Applications & Services


Tuesday, September 27, 2011
11:00 AM - 12:45 PM
Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Location:  Kensington/Chelsea

Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solutions rely on extracting structured data from one or more data silos, performing analysis over this data and presenting results of significance to business users. Useful though this is, in an environment where 80% of an organisation’s information is held outside structured databases it is clear that much valuable information is ignored. Our innovation transforms Business Intelligence (BI) systems by integrating crucial information from unstructured sources with the structured database sources traditionally used by BI systems. We thus offer business intelligence based on a more complete picture by tapping into important but previously ignored data sources. The system uses text analytics technology to extract information from unstructured text and uses semantic technology to integrate this with structured data. The system is being successfully piloted in BT and a live demonstration will be available.

  • Semantic Business Intelligence
  • Text analytics to extract information from unstructured text
  • Use of ontologies to combine structured and unstructured information sources
  • Live demonstration of system as deployed in BT

John Davies leads the Next Generation Web research team in BT Research. His interests include the application of semantic and web2.0 technologies to business intelligence, information integration, service-oriented environments and knowledge management. John has been co-organiser of the European Semantic Web Conference series and chairman of the European Semantic Technology Conference.

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