The RDF Report Card - Beyond the Triple Count
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  Leigh Dodds   Leigh Dodds


Monday, September 26, 2011
09:00 AM - 09:50 PM
Level:  Technical - Introductory

Location:  Kensington/Chelsea

Tired of hearing how many millions of triples are in a dataset? It's time we moved on from comparing the raw size of our datasets and instead focused on producing more useful metrics that provide the information and insights that developers need in order to fully understand the usefulness of a specific dataset.

This talk will discuss a number of different approaches for analysing and summarising the structure and content of an RDF dataset. Taking the notion of "progressive disclosure" the talk will look at a spectrum of useful summaries that can be provided to users to show them the details they need in order to understand how a specific data set has been constructed. Ranging from a high-level report card, through to detailed documentation, developers need a range of documentation geared up to a number of use cases. Triple counts tell us nothing.

Leigh Dodds is a freelance consultant specialising in Open and Linked Data. Leigh Dodds has significant experience working with Semantic Web and Web technologies in many different roles and is passionate about the web, open standards and open data. Leigh was responsible for technical and product strategy around Talis’s data hosting and publishing products, as well as launching their Linked Data consulting services. He has written about and spoken widely on a range of semantic web topics, including SPARQL, Linked Data, managing and aggregating data on the web, and building semantic web applications.

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